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Food Truck (2023) Get behind the wheel of your Food Truck and take on the competition.

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You will play a series of rounds until one player has 3 Victory points(or 2 Victory points if there are 5 players). This player wins the game and is crowned owner of the Best Food Truck.

Each round is made up of 3 phases:
- PREP: Each player turns over the first Truck card in their pile and tells the other players what effect it has.
Each player then looks at their hand of Meal and Dessert cards and arranges them in the order they choose.
Each player places these cards face-down in an individual draw pile.
In doing so, players sort their Meal cards into the order they wish to play them. The card on top of your draw pile will be the first one you play, and the first Meal you serve at your food truck!
- SERVICE: Starting with the first player and continuing clockwise, each player turns over the top Meal card of their deck and then one of two things takes place:
  • If no one else has served this Meal
The player places their Meal card in front of them, face-up.
If they have played this Meal card before, place it on top of the previous one, forming a pile.
Important: Dessert cards are wildcards, so they can always be
played face-up.
  • If another player has already served this Meal

The player cannot play their Meal card, and is eliminated from the round. As compensation, that player chooses one Meal card from the general supply to add to their deck. The first player to be eliminated each round also takes the first-player marker.
- END OF SERVICE: Continue until one player remains, with the others having been eliminated. That player wins the round. They gain a victory point and take the last Meal card from the general supply.
Discard your face-up Truck card if you haven’t used it.
When players have used all their Truck cards, they can reshuffle their discard pile to form a new decks.
Draw as many Meal cards as there are players from the central deck and place them face up in the center of the table, as in Setup .
At the end of service, if a player has 3 victory points (or 2, for 5 players), they win the game.

—description from the publisher

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